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2014-03-26 18:52:57 by Min27

Finally I managed to get back into my own account. I'd forgotten my password and changed my e-mail, so it was darn hard remembering my password again.

Now I can clean up this place.

Music Requests

2010-04-03 23:35:46 by Min27

Just want to tell people that while I do like to make music for you to use in this community, I do not take music requests, especially if a lot of other people here have already remixed the song (Ice Cap Zone for instance).

Please understand that I'm not trying to be mean, I just want to make the music that I feel like making, when I have an idea of how to improve the original tune. Sometimes there is nothing I can do to improve the music, and it turns out to be just a clone (or a worse sounding remix) of the original score.

New Year Stuff

2010-01-05 06:38:32 by Min27

Wow I sure have been resenting this site a bit. With the new year and the end of college (I graduated in my bachelor of animation by the way), and being scouted again, I'm updating on my big graphic novel project.

To tell the truth I have a few big graphic novel projects in pre-production stages, but the one I'm going to try doing this year will not be published as a book. It'll be a free, online comic posted on Deviantart that serves as practice so that I can get the ropes and improve my drawing and storytelling skills.

Very soon (like in the next 3 days) I'll have to start on concept art and a draft of the script. I know generally what the characters are going to look like, and the overall style, colours, layout, humor, etc, but I need to do a bit of redesigning because I'm not entirely happy with the previous designs.

Thanks Carbonwater!

2010-01-05 06:18:09 by Min27

Finally I got scouted for the art portal again, and I hope to keep it this way.

You're awesome for scouting me Carbonwater.

Scouted, then unscouted

2009-07-12 19:47:05 by Min27

Darn for a moment I was scouted for the art portal, then the person who scouted me got unscouted, which also got me (and maybe a few other people) unscouted.

I'm trying not to complain but I don't think I did anything wrong. Newgrounds should make it so that people stay scouted no matter what happens to the person that scouted them.

Yes. I know we're not allowed to whinge and carry on about not being scouted, but I've waited weeks now to get scouted again and I believe the only way to have people notice my work is to make a journal and get them to come to my page and see my artwork, so they can decide whether I deserve to be scouted or not.

Why people vote lowly

2009-04-27 04:01:09 by Min27

On my audio stuff. I get a lot of people saying "Omg! This is so good, I don't get why it's got a low score". Most probably it's because people are voting 1 or 2 on my work, which I don't mind. Everyone has their opinion and people come to this site to get feedback on their work (well mostly).

However sometimes I think my music is voted lowly because it's either from a video game or I used FL Studio instead of learning how to play and record a real instrument. Come on guys. I don't have time to learn an instrument (apart from piano), and with FL Studio I can have a whole orchestra instead of one lonely piano.

And if you're just voting lowly because you want YOUR work on the audio page, then I pity you.

I should make a post

2008-12-26 19:59:02 by Min27

I guess this site is becoming kind of an upload portal for music to me. My animation has really improved, since I'm trying to keep to frame-by-frame methods, but I just don't seem to be set for doing 2D animation. I find 3D modelling and animation a lot more fun, since I don't have to worry about drawing the character in perspective or drawing the character rotating all the time.

Also there's not so much drawing involved. I like drawing, but I just don't like drawing the same thing over and over 100 times. When I do that, I usually leave out a couple of fine details that I pick up on only when I'm finished.

So yeah. That's pretty much the path I'm taking right now, since my final 3rd year film will be 3D animated (and my friends in 2D told me some of the things in the film wouldn't be possible in 2D animation).

Uni commitments

2008-09-15 07:27:07 by Min27

Sorry I haven't been around so much guys. I really do care about submitting to Newgrounds, but I've just been really darn busy and stressed with uni assignments.

I've also decided to do my next movie in frame by frame, since everyone in 2D animation is starting to frown on tweens for some reason. It takes so much longer, but it looks amazing.


2008-08-17 01:48:11 by Min27

Sorry I haven't posted here in a while guys. I can never seem to think of something that would be relevant to post in this journal.

So yeah. Maybe I should say I'm planning to start animation on my next project pretty soon. I'm starting my own Flash series, in which animation will hopefully be a lot better, due to studying and tutorials I've seen.

I just have to use my mum's scanner (which used to be mine but I upgraded to Vista) and scan my characters in so I can start modelling.


2008-08-01 07:29:52 by Min27

Just want to tell people that I have made Flash and drawing tutorials with a lot of useful no BS info in them, but I won't submit them here.

While I put a lot of effort into the text and lessons, I didn't put any into the graphics, music or fancy backgrounds. So I'm afraid they'll get blammed or ignored if I posted them here.

If you want to learn Flash or want to improve you can check out my tutorials on my Sheezyart or Deviantart page.

Basic Drawing
Flash for Beginners
Character Creation (unfinished)