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Great message

It gave me a chuckle and sends a moral lesson about animation. It pays to put extra work into learning how to use Flash.

I still have 3D movie maker somewhere at the bottom of my closet.


I loved the reference to the Snowman animated film. Hadn't seen that film in ages, but I could instantly recognize it.

It was great

Funny and well animated. I like how the characters have colored outlines, but the blue outline of Dr Mario was a little bit distracting. Considering the amount of effort that would have gone into this flash it's easy to overlook.

DarqV responds:

The blue green line was a bold decision on my part. One that saved time and made it look better than if it had been just a black line. I thought It softened the look of the character and made him fit into the world the backgrounds created.

That said, alot of people were put off by it. Ya win some, ya lose some!

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Nice concept

It's a unique, yet frustrating game. I like how everything in the level is timed with the music, however the fish pulsating to the beat of the song is a little distracting.

Maybe if you had a health bar instead of being killed in one hit, and had something to kill or get rid of things that are coming at you it wouldn't be so annoying to get killed over and over again.

The save eggs is a nice feature that really comes in handy.

This is great fun

It's just fun to see a million characters getting beaten up by dad on screen and the cutscenes are hilarious. Videogames need to have more characters like Dad.

Hard requirements

I know it's supposed to be challenging to get the medals, but I don't like games that require me to sit at my computer never sleeping and doing nothing but waiting.

The only way to comfortably get all the medals is to know how to hack the game, which shouldn't be the point.

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Wow so nostalgic

Takes me back to when the Pokemon anime was good. I'm headbanging to this.

I also have the album and I think this might be better than the album version.

Jebbal responds:

Headbang 'til you can't headbang no more. Then handbang. It feels good.

Glad you like this!

Thanks for the review!

I like the sound

I seem to like the metallic sounds, and it's a simple, bouncy tune. I can't stop listening to it. Somehow it reminds me of a really old computer game starting up.

I still like it but..

It would be better if the background melody wasn't so loud. The background seems to dominate the main melody.


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